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Welcome to ‘The Jam Jar’! 

The Jam Jar is a place for food. All things food. Recipes, reviews, ideas, thoughts, photos, tips and tricks, facts, conversations, all about food… food, food, food, food, food!

Food is what I do in my spare time, I make it, I eat it, I celebrate it, I talk about it, and I think about it… in fact it’s probably all I think about.  The Jam Jar is a thing born out of my brain onto the internet until I can figure out what it can become in the real world. I myself am vegetarian, and I find that lots of people think the food world of a veggie may be a bit dull. The point of this site is to reveal the beauty of veggies to those non-believers, and don’t worry, it’s in no way aimed at converting anybody to anything. I have suffered many a terrible vegetarian meal, and have witnessed the panic in people’s eyes when faced with what to feed me and I’d like to change that.  Food is wonderful and is worth putting time into. This website has a bit of something for everyone, whether your herbivore or carnivore. There are restaurant reviews, mainly London restaurants, but every so often a review of somewhere further a field crops up, there are drinks ideas (yes, the alcoholic kind) and more cake recipes than you can shake a stick at!

If you like this site/blog/safe haven for foodies (and not just vegetarian ones) please share it with your friends, real ones and internet ones. Use the recipes, let me know what you think… comment, like, follow… make The Jam Jar the newest member of your recipe book collection (figuratively, of course)!

Thanks for popping by!

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