Marinated Olives


This recipe is so embarrassingly easy I don’t really want to call it a recipe.. so instead, here’s something you can do with olives to make them (more) delicious.

You will need a jar,  the one pictured is a 1 Litre Kilner Jar.. but depending on the amount of olives you can go smaller (or larger) if you want.

You will also need olives, here I used 2 295g jars, one of green olives and one of black olives. Make sure the olives you buy are in brine (salted water).

You will also, also need… good olive oil and a fair amount of it,  rosemary, garlic, red chillies and black peppercorns (whole).

Chop 2 red chillies and peel approximately 5 cloves of garlic, put into the jar along with the olives, a handful of rosemary sprigs and a handful of peppercorns into the jar, top with oil making sure everything is covered. Refrigerate for about a week, until everything goes delicious.  Keep (in the fridge) for up to a month.

And there you go… something you can do with olives!

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