Top 3 London pubs… according to me!

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This was going to be a ‘top 5’ but I feel like my top 3 are far topper than 4 and 5… so let’s stick to a ‘top 3’ and revisit this if we need to. Please note, these 3 pubs are in entirely different parts of London, they are all entirely different pubs, but I definitely suggest you give them all a go.

Number 1: The Spaniards Inn – Hampstead Heath 

Traditional and homely. This is a great place for a pitstop after a Sunday walk around Hampstead Heath. Built in the 16th Century you don’t really get pubbier than this pub. In the winter it’s fantastic for a cosy pint by the fire,  and they have a gargantuan beer garden  to sit in during summer. In July and August they also open their barbecue style, outdoor food menu and the garden bar. It really is an idyllic British pub, with something for everyone. And it’s always busy!

Number 2: The Euston Tap – Euston 

Cider, cider, cider. This is a bar-type pub. Unless you want crisps or pork scratching, they don’t do food. The Euston Tap is split in two Victorian gatehouses, one serves beer, and one serves cider. Generally the beer side is busier, and both sides boast a good range of beverages to choose from. This pub is in my top 3 because I am and always will be a cider drinker, and you will struggle to find a London pub with more than one cider on tap (if that). At the Cider tap you have so much choice you won’t know what to do with yourself.. but I recommend the Beesting!


Number 3: The Orange – Pimlico Road

Chic with fantastic food. I know about this pub because my dad used to drink there in the ’90s, and we went there together when I first moved to London. This pub is a good pub if you want a posh pint or a very VERY decent pub (but definitely not pub) dinner. The bar has a good selection of local beers and gins, and the bar staff are always happy to help you out. You have to book to get into the restaurant area which is separate from the bar, and the food really is very good, with lots of choice for veggies!




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