Review: Mildred’s King’s Cross

Mildred's King's Cross London veggie burger tofu vegetarian

If you’re a vegetarian in London, you’ll know Mildred’s.  Mildred’s has been around since the ’80s, they started with their Soho restaurant and have since expanded with two other restaurants, on in Camden and their newest one in King’s Cross, which opened this summer. I visited their King’s Cross branch a few weeks ago, and thought it worthy of my first proper restaurant review on this website.

Firstly, and this goes for all Mildred’s branches, you can’t book! Keep that in mind because it get’s busy! I visited Mildred’s on a Tuesday evening, and I really wasn’t expecting the restaurant to be very full, but believe me the place was packed by 7pm. I guess that’s testament enough to how good Mildred’s really is. The seating in the Kings Cross branch is mainly communal, with long tables taking up the majority of the restaurant space. If that doesn’t suit you, I suggest you get there early to sit at one of two-person tables. This isn’t a big restaurant, but because of it’s popularity, and the quality of the food, it has a big restaurant feel.

Main courses start from around £10 (which is very reasonable considering it’s location!), and the menu has a little bit of everything, pies, curries, stir fries, burgers…  If you are actually vegetarian (believe me, you don’t need to be to enjoy this place), then like me you’ll be used to opening a menu to find slim pickings when it comes to mains, that won’t be a problem here! I spent a good 15 minutes trying to decide, before narrowing it down to three and panic-picking the tofu burger (pictured above) which turned out being a fantastic decision! My friend went for the mushroom pie… which was also pretty amazing, definitely a great option if you’re looking for something wholesome and hearty!

Wine starts from £19 a bottle, and cocktails from £6.95 which may seem expensive to most, but this is standard in London. And the cocktail list is good… although this is definitely a food place, not a place I would hang out in for a drink.

Personally, I love Mildred’s. It’s a relaxed environment where you can bring both your herbivore and carnivore friends, and everyone will enjoy it!

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