Pumpkins autumn halloween borough market London fall

Borough Market in Autumn

I love Borough Market. It’s a vegetable enthusiast’s dream, and I am a self-confessed vegetable enthusiast.

To give you a bit of background, Borough Market is one of London’s oldest and largest food markets. It is claimed to have started in 1014, having celebrated it’s 1000th birthday in 2014. The market is currently located in Southwark, (pronounced ‘suth-uck’… I know, English is a stupid language, I apologise on behalf of the United Kingdom), although it has done some moving around in the last 1000 years. The buildings that house the present-day market were designed in the mid 19th Century, and were refurbished in 2001.

Borough Market has everything, from beautiful fresh produce, to speciality foods. If you’re looking for libations, check out Borough Wines, the Cider House or the speciality beer store right in the middle of the market. If cheese takes your fancy, I recommend paying a visit to the Bath Cheese Co. inside the market, or Neal’s Yard, which is just outside. From Field and Flower is a honey experience… with over 10 different honeys to try, have you ever tried to battle through a honey tasting? It’s more difficult than it sounds and I’m special reserve for the Honey Monster. Borough Olives is a must visit, and you couldn’t possibly leave Borough Market without a loaf or 10 from Bread Ahead.

Although the market is surrounded by some of London’s loveliest restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, it’s definitely my favourite place in London for street food. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. There’s so much choice I spend a good half an hour trying to decide what to have for lunch each time I visit, and I’m usually tempted by a leaving snack from one of the many bakeries and sweet shops before I go home… you know, for the journey.

Personally, I think Borough Market really comes alive in autumn. The place is filled with beautifully coloured pumpkins and mushrooms. And there’s something quite lovely about walking around trying out all the tasters wrapped up warm in a winter coat with a hot drink in hand… or even a Prosecco if you fancy it!

I thought I’d share the some of the photos I took of Borough Market as I wandered around there this week.

If you’re in London, or planning a visit Borough Market is open Monday to Saturday, with a full market operating Wednesday – Saturday. The nearest Tube station is London Bridge, I advise you visit when the full market is on… oh, and bring spare shopping bags!

Borough Market autumn food fresh produce London
Individual ‘bouquets’ of mushrooms at Turnips
Neal's Yard Cheese Borough Market London
An actual wall of cheese at Neal’s Yard


fresh figs fruit produce Borough Market London
Figgin’ hell!
Pumpkins autumn halloween borough market London fall
It wouldn’t be autumn without pumpkins.
fresh tomatoes borough market stall London
Have you ever seen such beautiful tomatoes in all your life?!

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