Review: Brünch, Hackney

One of the best things about living in London, or any city for that matter, is stumbling upon unique, independently run bars and eateries. Brünch is a great example of that.

I’m not exactly sure how I found out about Brünch, I think I first saw it mentioned in a Twitter post whilst mindlessly scrolling through my feed one evening. At the time Brünch was still a pop up,  serving some of the most beautiful looking breakfast items (and beyond) that I’d ever seen on the internet-sphere. I instantly followed, making a mental note to visit if they ever set up somewhere near me. Much to my delight, Brünch moved to a more permanent address in Hackney Fields a few months ago, and I finally got a chance to visit for Sunday brunch last week. I was not disappointed.

Brünch brings Berlin-style brunching to London, combining German recipes with locally sourced ingredients. Although small, the menu has all your brunch favourites and more, each with a Berlin twist. Eggs, of course make an appearance, you can have them scrambled with avocado, feta and pomegranate molasses or soft boiled in a glass, with greens and pumpkin seeds, both are served with what might actually be the world’s best sourdough, but we’ll get to the bread later. “Hälthy” options are available, including a beautifully presented acai berry smoothie bowl, and homemade granola with vanilla quark (a thick type of cheese curd, similar to Greek yogurt or Icelandic Skyr). Alternatively, you can go the slightly less “Hälthy” route and opt for one of their ‘Berlin Brünch Specials’, which include Bauernfrühstück, German fried potatoes with bacon, served in a cast iron pan and topped with two fried eggs, or the a small mountain of the most perfect-looking Berliner Waffles, although apparently these are only available at weekends.

I opted for the vegetarian Brünch sharing platter, the first thing on the menu and definitely the most unique and beautiful thing I’ve ever had for breakfast. The platter is served on a large wooden board, serves two and comes with two soft boiled eggs, topped with a tangy remoulade, a selection of cheeses (goats cheese, emmental and cheddar), avocado, pickles, beetroot and roast sweet potato, radishes, sliced banana, vanilla quark and granola, a BOTTOMLESS basket of sourdough and a selection of spreads, including the most delicious kirsche jam, homemade peanut butter, and of course Nutella.

Brünch Hackney Fields bruench popup London berlin brunch

I want to give the sourdough a paragraph of its own, because as I mentioned, it might be the best bread I’ve ever had. Thick cut, the crusts are crisp and perfectly chewy whist the bread itself is fluffy and light. It is the perfect accompaniment to the homemade spreads and jams. Brünch sources its sourdough from Pavillion bakery, just down the road, a place that I am very eager to visit in the future just to get my hands on a large loaf of their superb sourdough.

A non-vegetarian version of the Brünch platter is also available, and includes a selection of German hams and salamis along with a mackerel pate, chives, horseradish and pickles. This platter is £22 to share,  only slightly more expensive that the veggie one which is £19, incredibly reasonable for London especially considering the amount and variety of food you get. All of the menu items cost between £5.50 and £11 per person, coffees are around £2.50 and pick n’ choose juices start from £4. For those who don’t fancy a full brunch, a selection of German cakes and sweet treats are also available at the bar.

Brünch is my new favourite place to eat in London. It’s reasonable, it’s relaxed, and most of all it’s completely unique. The food is fantastic, the portions are more than ample and there are lots of options for veggies and vegans. I highly recommend a trip there if you’re in the East London area, I know I will certainly be returning there very soon to try the rest of the menu!

Brünch is open Tuesday to Sunday, 8am-4pm weekdays and 9:30am-4pm on weekends. They frequently run a variety of community events (for example yoga and brunch) which they advertise on Twitter @bruench_popup.

Brünch Hackney Fields bruench popup London berlin brunch

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