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My Favourite Autumn Recipes

The leaves are falling, and today in London, we had the first chilly autumn day of the year. So I thought that this would be the perfect time to gather my favourite autumn recipes and put them all in one place.

Each of these autumnal recipes incorporates a little bit of the things I love most about the fall-time; the colours, ruddy oranges, reds and browns; the earthy flavours of wild mushrooms and thyme; and warming, woody spices like cinnamon and ginger. Some are sweet, some are savoury, some are spooky (Hallowe’en is coming up after all), but all of them are simple, delicious and of course, vegetarian.




Autumnal pearl barley ‘risotto’ with goat’s cheese and a fried egg – All of the colours of autumn on one plate. I love this recipe. Pearl barley is insanely cheap, so if you’re looking for a fancy recipe, without a fancy price tag, this is one for you.

Heidi Pies – What could be better than a sweet potato, spinach, goats cheese and red onion rough-puff pastry pie, served with mash and gravy on a cold autumn evening?



Pumpkin Pie – Can you do an autumn recipe favourites without pumpkin pie? Well technically this is a butternut squash pie, but tomato, tomato, right? (That saying doesn’t exactly work written down…). Suitable pumpkins can be difficult to source in the UK, so this is a great recipe if you’re a bit stuck. You could use a carving pumpkin but they typically don’t have enough flesh for the filling.

Mummified Gingerbread Men – A simple gingerbread biscuit recipe, ideal for hallowe’en parties. You can even bake the biscuits ahead of time and decorate them as a children’s hallowe’en activity.

Toffee Apple and Walnut Cake – Made with dates, pressed apple juice and walnuts and topped with toffee frosting and caramel sauce. Perfect for Bonfire Night!


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