Festive Hot Toddy

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A hot toddy is the perfect festive drink. It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s creamy and it’s boozy. The ideal tipple for a Christmas party or as a nightcap on Christmas day. Enjoy alone or with a cheeky mince pie!


  • Good quality spiced rum
  • Flavoured syrup
  • Boiling water
  • Double cream
  • Freshly grated nutmeg


  1. First you need a glass. The ideal for this cocktail is a glass mug, for example a latte glass, so you can see the cream floating on top of the cocktail. If you haven’t got a  glass mug you could use a copper Moscow Mule mug or your average coffee mug.
  2. Add two standard measures of spiced rum to the mug, and a shot of flavoured syrup, you could use cinnamon syrup, vanilla or caramel syrup, even maple syurp. Here, I used Starbucks’ gingerbread flavoured syrup, for maximum festive flavour.
  3. Top up the mug with boiling hot water and stir well with a bar spoon.
  4. Using the back of the bar spoon, or a teaspoon, pour the double cream onto the surface of the liquid, like you would for a coffee floater. The cream will form a delicious layer to sip the cocktail through.
  5. Finish the drink with a sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg, or ground cinnamon if you prefer.
  6. Serve with a mince pie, or a slice of christmas cake. Merry Christmas! 

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